Membership to the Medical Staff of the Center is a privilege extended to ethical, competent physicians who meet the standards and requirements set forth in the Bylaws of the Center. No person otherwise qualified as provided in the Bylaws shall be denied appointment or reappointment to medical staff membership or particular privileges solely on the basis of gender, race, age, creed, disability or national origin.

Qualifications for membership shall include licensure in the State of Florida, current and valid DEA license, training and experience relevant to the clinical privileges requested, Board Certification or eligibility, current and demonstrated professional competence, physical and mental health to exercise the privileges granted, similar clinical privileges at a local hospital or a sponsoring physician and compliance with the State of Florida laws concerning malpractice coverage.

The State of Florida requires that a physician either maintain professional liability coverage in a specified amount or maintain an irrevocable letter of credit or escrow account or bond in a minimum amount. If the physician chooses not to carry malpractice insurance, the physician must have an agreement to satisfy any adverse judgments as required by Statutes. Should you require additional information specific to your physician, please contact your physician directly.

Medical Staff


  • Isaac Bassan, MD
  • Michael Bloom, MD
  • Marc Carp, MD
  • Lewis Felder, MD
  • Milton Gedallovich, MD
  • Marwan Iskandarani, MD
  • Brett Neustater, MD
  • Andrew Nullman, MD
  • Ricardo Roman, MD
  • Gordon Souaid, MD


  • Susan Sager, DO
  • Ross Carson, MD
  • Charles Macias, MD
  • Julian Yepes, MD