Venture Ambulatory Surgery Center recognizes and supports the rights of patients to accept or refuse treatment. Patients will be asked during the preoperative telephone interview if they have an Advance Directive. If they do, this information shall be recorded on the Pre-Op assessment form.

Should the patient’s Advance Directive include a non-resuscitation clause, the patient will be informed that Venture Ambulatory Surgery Center will not honor this request in our Facility and that they will need to sign an Ambulatory Surgery Center Patient Consent to Resuscitative Measures. Should there be a serious problem while at the Center, the Center would perform such measures to stabilize the patient while 911 was being called. The patient would then be transferred to the hospital and at this location and time, depending on the patient condition and outcome, the Advance Directive would be considered. Without such an Advance Directive suspension while at the Surgery Center, the procedure cannot be performed in the Center.

If the patient does not have an Advance Directive, they will be asked if they would like a brochure. The center will provide adult individuals, upon request, with written information about their rights under State law to make health care decisions, including the right to accept or refuse treatment and the right to execute an Advanced Directive. No patient will be discriminated against because of his/her wishes about Advance Directives.