About Venture Surgery Center

Advances in endoscopic techniques have made it possible to do more gastroenterology procedures than ever before outside of hospitals in ambulatory centers such as ours.

This definitely represents a benefit to you, since it has been proven that patients recover more rapidly in their homes than in hospitals. In addition, we have found that many procedures can be performed more cost effectively outside the complicated environment of a hospital.

At “Venture Ambulatory Surgery Center,” established in 1992, we have the same equipment as in the hospitals: and we have installed it in a building dedicated to the comfort of patients who will be returning home the same day of the procedure.

Our staff is pleased in the decision that you and your physician have made to utilize our facility. Both our physicians and our staff are dedicated to your GI health. As a proud member of HCA, the largest network of Outpatient Surgery Centers and Hospitals in the USA. We are licensed by both the state of Florida and the federal Medicare program. We have been AAAHC accredited since 1999, to demonstrate our dedication to the quality patient care you deserve.

Location Hours
6:00am - 4:30pm